CooMo City Experts

How to become an Expert
on CooMo Travel

Selecting City of Expertise:

All users are required to select at least one City of Expertise when creating an account on CooMo Travel. A “City of Expertise” is a city you have lived in or extensively traveled that you can provide recommendations and suggestions for based on your experience.

Earning Expertise Points:

Users can earn City of Expertise points through the following actions:

  • Initial account creation
  • Daily objectives
  • Daily logins
  • Posting photos
  • Leaving reviews
City of Expertise Progress:

Users can view their City of Expertise points on their personal profile. A progress bar will fill from left to right as you provide more recommendations and reviews for that specific city.

City of Expertise Benefits:

Once the progress bar of a City of Expertise is filled, you will be awarded the title of CooMo City Expert in that city. Future rewards will include: a special city badge, recommendations will be weighted different, comments and reviews will have a unique look, etc.