CooMo City Experts

How to become an Expert
on CooMo Travel?

Selecting City of Expertise:

All users are required to select at least one, or as many as they wish, “City of Expertise” when creating an account on CooMo Travel. “City of Expertise” is a city you consider yourself very knowledgeable, through living or frequent trips, in which you could provide recommendations and suggestions based on your personal experience.

Earning Expertise Points:

Users can earn “City of Expertise” points with the following actions:

  • Provide an activity card to another user's trip in the city they are a "City of Expertise".
  • Additional points will be awarded if the recommended activity card given is added to the user's trip.
  • Leave a review on an activity cardin the city of your expertise.
City of Expertise Progress:

Users can view their progress of “City of Expertise” on their personal profile. A progress bar will fill, from left to right, as more recommendations and reviews are given to the specific city.

CooMo Points:

CooMo points is the total collection of all city of expertise points and any other actions which generates points.

Ways to Make Points:

These are current or future ways of making CooMo Points.

  • Initial account creation
  • Daily objections.
    • Daily login
    • Hidden treasure chest (future function)
    • Daily Objective (Example: post picture, leave review, help a traveler, etc)
  • Post a Picture
  • Leave an activity review
  • Provide recommendation on someone's trip
  • Send membership request to a friend and they join

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